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About Us 

Who We Are 

Gifted Grace Home Care is a non-medical home care service established in St. Louis, Missouri. We enjoy serving families throughout the St. Louis Area. We use today's technology and staffing techniques to make sure you receive the most exceptional care. Our staff is well trained and qualified to meet your needs 24-hours day seven days a week.

What We Believe 

Here at Gifted Grace Home Care, we believe the best level of care starts with comforts. What is more comfortable than your home? Home is where your memories, heart, and all wonderful life events have taken place, in the comforts of home. It doesn’t matter the time, place, location, or space. Gifted Grace understands the importance of the heart, home, and the time one needs extra care. We create a safe, loving environment for those needing a little help along the way. Let’s continue the journey of life, creating love, happiness, joy, and memories because here at Gifted Grace a little help can last a lifetime.