You're Invited To Dinner 

February 26, 2019


It’s Sunday, and for the past thirty-three years since I was a baby, there is always family and Sunday dinner. We all know that for some odd reason or another the Sunday dinner is the largest dinner that you have had all week — prepared by your parents who have taken the time to gather their remaining energy to entertain and brighten our day with lots of love plus Aunts. Uncles, cousins, and the neighbors all crowd around the dining room table. As the years went on the crowds became less and less. Everyone was getting older, we the children have gotten older going off to college and before we know it our loved ones have seen two major graduations, our marriages, and the birthing of our first child, well in my case children, twins for some of us lucky mothers.
I sit watching the twins play with their grandmother, and my mother turns to me and says” Don’t you remember when I used to play with you like this? It's like reliving the moments with you all over again times two.” I blush as I remember my mother’s love for me. I looked around and every wall and every doorway there was a memory there. She had given me such a great life filled with so much love. She is getting older, and we occasionally talked. The talk about what to do when she started to decline when her body stops allowing her to be active and to serve the joy of her life her family, her beautiful grandchildren, and a nursing career she enjoyed for over 30 years.
Mother was proud of her home and was in love with the way her life blossomed even when it rained. Her roots have fully grown there for thirty-three years and why would it have to stop? We agreed that when she could no longer be independent she would receive care in the comfort of home. Yes, I’m going to be particular, skeptical, and picky when it comes to selecting the perfect company. I want the best for the person who has given me the best of everything and the best life that a child could ever imagine and ask for and I want to give her the best care.
What I want you to know is that I’m not just some director of a home care company I’m a child and a parent just like you. Every one of us shares Sundays and family memories. I want the best care possible for all us who cannot always be there. You can have a company that you can trust will give companionship and the excellent loving care you seek. I’m sure all companies say the same but can you sit at their table on Sunday, as you have mine?